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The Riders Connection (DE)

Riders Connection are easily as cool as they look! This gem of a group, hailing from Berlin, Germany, is pushing the boundaries of genres, stereotype and normality.

Bringing together a unique blend of reggae, soul and folky blues, Riders Connection has molded a musical style of their own. Using no drum kit, beatboxing guru, Moritz, does all the percussion using his mouth to produce unique funky beats from genres such a hip hop, drum and bass and techno and even imitating the native Australian instrument ‘Didgeridoo’.

Fusing floor-filling beats with groovy baselines, singer & guitarist Philipp, adds an authentic expression of passion through his dynamic and captivating vocals. Showcasing his command of melody, he is also able to imitate the sound of a trumpet, which can easily be mistaken for the real instrument itself. He is truly a wonder to behold.

It doesn’t get any slicker than this smooth, seductive and soulful trio who started playing music together on the streets of Berlin and have since then built up a loyal fan base and successfully toured Germany, Switzerland & South Africa, all without the backing of a record label.

Everything in this world is about connection and experience and in their performances, they always inject humour, utilize improvisation, sing along-able choruses – and never fail to deliver an unforgettably sweaty and unifying experience.

Aleksej – Bassist

Moritz – Beatboxer

Phillip – Vocalist and Mouth Trumpet