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Rumswinger – Electro Swing Band


Rumswinger are far more than a poster-band for the electro-swing genre; they have redefined this musical space by infusing their own brand of crazy into the contagiously euphoric madness that characterises this effervescent mix of vintage swing, jazz, house and EDM.

Their unique blend of individual skills and influences creates a powerful presence and signature sound that is both musically intelligent and charged with an accessible and totally infectious energy. They combine in a carnivalesque expression of deep electro beats layered with Balkan gypsy textures, French guitar licks, a rich and woody Double Bass and a bristling horn section.

Fronting up is the entrancing Carla on vocals. Her powerful voice, her magnetic beauty and dynamic stage presence are all exquisite punches to the senses. Carla grew up on the stage and has been singing for as long as she’s been walking. She is a born performer and is as comfortable singing jazz as she is belting out rock and blues. She made it through to the final seven of idols SA.

On double bass is Marne, a chef by profession who dishes up the solid chops that keep the grooves cooking all set long. Marne is a multi-instrumentalist whose other collaborations include his own band We Set Sail and quirky country-rock-blues band Peachy Keen. He is also known as the King of Swing DJ “King Louis”.

On trumpet is the legendary jazz horn man Lee Lips. One of South Africa’s most prominent session and stage musicians, Lee Lips was a founding member of SA Punk pioneers Hog Hoggidy Hog and has performed regularly with Springbok Nude Girls, Goldfish, Goodluck, Fuzigish and Toya Delazy.

On saxophones is the debonair Simon, a thoroughly pedigreed jazzman, blooded early on the stages of New York, Den Hague and Amsterdam with the National Youth Jazz Band and currently a core member of The Rudimentals, whose unique sound has seen their last two singles top the charts at #1 and #2 on 5FM.

Completing the line-up is DJ Simian, the Stig of South African electro-swing. Some say he was raised on a diet of bananas and Ginseng root and that he sleeps in furry underwear. All we know is he punches out the bruising backbeats that drive the magic and the madness that is Rumswinger.


  • Rocking the Daisies
  • Rezonance
  • The J&B Met
  • Flamjangle Tea Party
  • Cape Town Music Festival
  • Gin & Tonic Fest
  • #TreatYoSelf Party
  • Gin & Tonic Fest
  • Five for Change.