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Tom James (UK)


Growing up Tom James divided his time between surfing the coastline of Cornwall, UK, and jamming on his guitar.

Having learnt the ins and outs by finger-style expert AndyMcKee, Tom utilizes unique playing methods that stray from simple strummed chords as he finger picks complex arpeggios and uses his guitar percussively on his lap.

Matched with his trickling harmonics, raw vocals and lyrical depth, his music is bound to captivate the eyes and ears of the audience and swiftly convert them into dedicated fans.

At just 24 years of age, Tom has already played support slots for well renowned acts Brother and Bones, Andy Mckee, Nahko and Medicine for the people, and Jon and Roy. He has performed at various large festivals; Surfana festival, Boardmaster, Beachbreak, Somersault, LarmerTree, Eden Sessions and Sidmouth Fringe.

Tom is on the brink of breaking through, having recently accrued an abundance of new fans in Germany, Switzerland and France. His Blood to Gold EP is an emotive and cerebral master class proving what it takes to stand out in the over saturated climate of UK acoustic singer/songwriters.


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